Monday, January 28, 2013

DearHanisHaizi CHANEL Party

Yesterday event was a success!! hehehe seronok. I am truly happy surrounded by all the gorgeous ladies. It was FUN.

THEMES : Black and White Chanel Inspired.

Memang ala-ala verangan habis la sebab Hanis ni memang sangat-sangat gilakan CHANEL. Memang icon habis la. She makes me realize that you can dream, DREAM BIG. Yelah, she got her 1st chanel pon sebab berangan that one day she can have it. But of course la berangan with goals and determination. Oh not to forget, COURAGE and BELIEVE

The reason this party was organized untuk meraikan contestant from DearHanisHaizi contest. Winner boleh bawa balik Chanel HANDBAG! Sangat teruja kan. huhu  but sayang nye I didn't submit my application *baru nak berangan pakai handbag chanel*. heheh the winner memang sangat-sangat deserve to WIN sebab her piece sangat-sangat touching!! BRAVO!! She makes me thinking that a girl should have a dream and pursue it no matter what other people saying. Turns out dalam her blog she did mention yang berharap dapat her 1st piece of CHANEL and Hanis makes her DREAM come TRUE. Best gilerrrr kot. :)

I am so blessed that Hanis organized such event. Memang sangat-sangat GLAM lah. Because *if you guys follow me of Facebook  >>perasan ada followers<<*  nature of my job doesn't involved anything to do with all dressed and dolled up. Hahaha same old same old attire. But having the chance to be part of the event, I can wear whatever I want and also whatever in my mind. And we sure do have personal grooming coach. heheheh

Eh jom la layan pictures..

All the beautiful ladies with CDM Maisarah and CDM Hanis

The setup was adorable just like GLAM DINNER

My leader been interviewed for HanisTV



With CDM Hanis and CDM Maisarah.

All in all, I really enjoy it so much!!

SO WHAT'S NEXT?? heheheh