Sunday, April 7, 2013

PBClique Leadership Enhancement Program

Hi salam guys. Hari ini I nak cerita about my weekends activities from KL to Kuantan. As usual, I memang balik KL almost every week. Heheh tension with works, balik KL tenangkan hati jumpa business partners and also GLAM class, of course :D

Started my journey alone, I singgah at Kuantan stokis to pick up few stocks for Marine Essence Beauty bar and also Biovelocity Sleep Mate. Unfortunately client I have to wait untuk stock sleep mate tu sebab SOLD OUT anywhere around Malaysia. Punya lah hangat and hot this product! But too bad I pon stock up sikit je this beauty bar, within 1/2 an hour je dah SOLD OUT sedangkan I just upload this pic dalam my social media je. LOL alhamdulillah rezeki~ Need to stock up more to cater market.

Anyway Madam dengan baik hati nak menunggu I sampai ke stokis from Kerteh. huhu so around 7pm I headed to highway. The best part was I didn't change my office attire and thinking that I might not stop by anywhere along the way and heading straight back to Klang. But since sampai awal and I'm planning to buy some stuff, so dengan pakai my outfit tu I berjalan la sorang-sorang dalam OU tu~ nasib baik laa malam, not so many people. hahah 

*u guys can check out vid yang I buat on Keek*

Ini je la sebenarnya things to buy. Hehehe I think SA Victoria Secret kat OU tu pon dah kenal agaknya. hahaha sekali beli macam nak buat stock setahun. LOL then after that straight back home.

On Friday tu as usual la, menguruskan hal-hal rumah baru my mom, but turned out that all the furniture tak siap lagi. :( Next week baru boleh sampai. 

Me without makeup. hahah memang jarang makeup pon~ 

After settle all the necessary things including run some errands, I pon straight to GLAM class macam biasa. Memang FULL HOUSE habiss~~

Selalu menunggu slot by CDM Hanis Haizi, 6 figures income earner and Idola Mogul for GLAMpreneurs.

Sesi bergambar : Me with CDM Maisarah Ibrahim

Me with some of my business partners enjoying the class. Sangat-sangat kelakar and fruitful info sharing by CDM Razali Zain especially on Biozone Food Purifier and what can it offer us.

CDMs under CDM Maisarah's wing. CDM Nurul Aini & CDM Roslida

Us with the one and only Hanis Haizi. Always looking like a million dollars baby. That's how GLAM rolls.

Us with CDM Roslida, the only and only CDM in Terengganu.

It was such a bless sebab dapat berkumpul sama-sama dengan positive people with positive vibes. After that, O-group with my group at nearest Starbucks. 

*this one also ada video kat Keek. So boleh tengok-tengok la* :)

I'm so happy sebab dapat bagi commitment for my team and berterima kasih sebab my team bagi sepenuh kepercayaan untuk I membimbing mereka. I will definitely try my best and also learn from the best.

So the next day pulak, awal pagi dah start packing and also drove back to Kuantan sebab we all ada special program under PBCliqueDiamondSisters which was as stated: Enhancement program together with Grooming class by Certified Professional Image Consultant, Azlia Idha.

A very young and energetic CPIC with so many fresh ideas based on her professional opinion. Ramai dah clients beliau yang menggunakan khidmat beliau as stylist.

She is also founder of GetGorgeous

Stylist for Heliza Helmi

Fashion and Styling Class : My first impression bila masuk dalam kelas tu was "cantiknya dia". Yup, she is gorgeous in person. And really pro, I can tell. During that class, macam-macam yang we all belajar, bad habits on appreance, body shape and type, hijab styling, face type and macam-macam lagi la. So informative, and seronok sebab sangat meriah. :) 

After analyze our face, i've been informed that my face is an angular face shape just like Lisa Surihani. Kui Kui Kui. From that face type, then we know how to present ourselves and our hijab style without looking so chubby and bertambah bulat muka. hahaha

This is me before class begin.

And this is me after styling. Hahahaha sangat teruja. Azlia Idha ada mention that my face sangat sesuai for turban style. :) terasa ala-ala Yuna gitu~ *perasan*

After that we take a break and go for dinner kat Black Canyon.


After that we continued with Leadership class. How to be a great leader that can lead our team. Green Leaders Group memang dah menerapkan budaya bantu-membantu and sampai menyampaikan info-info yang berjuga untuk improvekan lagi skills and knowledge. I'm so blessed sebab dapat bimbingan dari bukan calang-calang orang. 6 figures income earner gitu~

This is how leaders produce leaders. Dulu masa sebelum I nak buat this business, I fikir-fikir boleh ke I buat this business since my business background and knowledge memang ZERO. Tapi after that I faham the concept of TEAMWORK. They will never let you drive alone the business. They will always be there through ups and downs. Yang menjadi ukuran is keinginan and keyakinan diri sendiri and percaya pada diri sendiri. Alhamdulillah, I berjaya keluar from my COMFORT ZONE and let myself be surrounded by all these positive people. Syukur, Alhamdulillah.


"Some succeed because of destined
Some succeed because they are determine"

Live your dreams!!


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salam waty! ;)

teringin nak cuba PB. belum ada fulus lagi. insyaAllah, some day. heehee ;)

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Hahaha yeke babe? Dun worry just contact me. I can give u good price. Or perhaps kalau u interested to become part of the business, u can get one free for yourself :D